The TRUE League of Extraordinary Puzzlemen

Not much is known about this reclusive genius except that he is clearly superior to Dr. Sudoku in every way. His puzzles number in the gazillions, a testament to the value of quantity over "quality". As leader of The TRUE League of Extraordinary Puzzlemen, Mr. Evil seeks to eradicate the nuisance that is the so-called League of Extraordinary Puzzlemen, who do nothing but get in the way of his grand plans to take over the puzzle world.

Sir Jumble leaps into action whenever a string of letters cries out to be rearranged into a word, provided that string is five or six letters long. If you need someone to collect circled elements into a single set, Sir Jumble is your man. He has a great appreciation for tortured puns that certain other League members somehow don't, which illustrates why he is clearly superior to Kid Crossword.

Give Dorothy Dotson (AKA Dame Dot to Dot) a silhouette and she'll turn it into an ordered series of dots in no time, dots that can be used to reconstruct the shape in the future by reversing the process. Simply connect the dots in order with lines, starting at 1, then going to 2, then 3, and 4, and 5, up to infinity and beyond if necessary. She has taught countless children and adults the order of the numbers through her fun challenges. Dame Dot to Dot can make other connections too, such as between disparate observations on an unclear puzzling task, which is mighty useful during puzzle hunts and proves her superiority to Prof. Tangram.

With his patented catch-phrase "Let's Start Over", Eraser Boy springs into action just when disaster is about to strike. There is simply no mistake he can't fix, unless of course that mistake is made in pen, marker, crayon, some shades of colored pencil, or other unfortunately "permanent" implements. Eraser Boy is clearly superior to Solverine.

Having graduated from years playing the strategy classic Tic-Tac-Toe, The Bejeweler now spends her days conquering other three-in-a-row challenges. Earning over 2,147,483,647 points in Bejeweled 2 is a simple feat for this master puzzler. Her attire is just as sparkly as her personality, and she is clearly superior to T3h Fl4sh.

Where others are befuddled, turning in all sorts of directions only to mix things up more, The Sticker Man has thought outside the box to create a fool-proof solution. By investing in small, colored adhesive squares, he can "solve" any cube no matter the starting position. This creativity applies to many other puzzles - wherever short-cuts can be found - such as using uniqueness or plugging numbers into automated sudoku solvers. He may not win every race, but he gets to the finish with much less effort, which makes him clearly superior to the RubiKonqueror.

Who can reveal the truth that HAL was an IBM, or that the way to STOP a villain may be to HIDE from him? The same person who could tell you that THE ANSWER TO YOUR PROBLEMS is LZW SFKOWJ LG QGMJ HJGTDWEK: Cesar Shiftez! His incredible powers of encoding and decoding messages have been used for millennia, and cannot be cracked except by the most adequate of amateur cryptanalysts. When there's something you want to say in code, but you don't have the time to set up a smoke signal, there is no more valuable person than Cesar, which demonstrates why he is clearly superior to Captain Code Sheet.

The Backsolver is the puzzle constructor's biggest fear. Not a big believer in going along with the way a puzzle is intended to be solved, his name ends up screamed from coast to coast as even the most impossible, unsolvable puzzles get cracked with ease. By seemingly pulling answers out of thin air, The Backsolver is the most indispensable member of any team and is clearly superior to Meta Man.

All of these heroes can outdo the meager abilities of The League of Extraordinary Puzzlemen.